• Friend zone.

    The friend zone is a toxic mindset.

    The Friend Zone, when two people are friends where the one side has need while the other just enjoy the presence. Sometimes this naturally leads to ache, disappointment, or heartbreak resulting in the mismatch of opinions and feeling orientations. There’s some relation that’s made liberally with some relevant and irrelevant talks yet some are hard to build. And, the end of every relation ache. Though, depends upon how tender your relationship was? A while back, actually, it feels like yesterday, one of my friends expressed his feelings for me. I was taken aback, dazed so shocked, and my first response was, “but we are really good friends.” After a few…

  • Relationships

    Love, Like, and Lust.

    Find the goodness in every moment, in every word, in every image shown to you !! Read out the blog to know the difference between love, like, and lust. The thing which seems wrong to you-against your boundaries though you are doing due to some helplessness. Or if you are living any kind of relationship without your soul presence, then your whole life can be “surprising outcomes of unwillingly sowed seeds.” And the feeling of love, like and lust is similar to that where surprising outcomes can be visible on the initial stage with a lot of unplanned parties and wrapped gifts in later phases. Confused between love, like, and…

  • Relationships

    Love or Attachment?

    Sometimes “ No feeling” is a complete feeling and “ letting go of someone” is a complete journey. You can’t ask someone to be with you just because you say “ I love you” and the reason is you like their presence in your cozy environment. Furthermore, attachment is not Love, it’s better to call emotional torture where you end up detaching yourself. These words are meaningless without emotional-physical acceptances and so on.   Are you in LOVE with your partner or just ATTACHED to them ??       “The root cause of suffering in relationship can be          Attachment.” There is a diminutive difference between love and…


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