• Dating Advice

    Honest Dating Advice.

    The real-life is not the rom-com movie you see where everything ends on a good note with flashing happiness after honest dating advice. Here, everything comes with the cost either monetary or on a personal level. The season of the revival of leaves fosters the mingling phase with each swipe and scroll. Funny, but I think the sun and moon and all those twinkling stars are extremely tired by witnessing all those love scenes and love sheets. Apart, the longing and blazing fire is the reason to fall and celebrate the association of the cute melting phase. And the phase of mingling is exciting and full of life with hands…

  • The dilemma of Good Girl.
    Life Style

    The Dilemma of a Good Girl.

    That’s not what Good Girls do, my dear. This is the articulate set phrase in our conversation, that makes you pause for seconds to realize and go through. But actually, the most important thing is, how the good girls behave?-because every time they restrict the talks, assisting the societal belief with set expectations. Therefore, Let me decode the Good Girl for you, A Trip to down, I grew up in a confused state of my mind. The rush to be the “Good Girl” was always there. It was following me from the morning sun to the late-night sleeping position. “This is not the good way, do it like this. Otherwise,…

  • Happiness.
    Personal Development

    Happiness: To be in a Happy Book.

    They say, Inhale your Future and Exhale your Past, if you want to live a happy life. And, this is the frequently calling chant to invite happiness and to feel happy. I believe in this chant and the thoughts associated with it. Despite this, sometimes it feels nothing is working in my favor. And, I’m sure, many of us face this befuddled situation questioning on, “What Happiness is?” I’m one among you and, I understand the agonization of people over this question for centuries. I have seen people debating this and defining their definition of Happiness. They share their life experiences yet feel insufficient and sophisticated. The pursuit of Happiness…

  • Emotional intimacy

    Intimacy: Easy way to Build An Emotional Intimacy.

    Intimacy, the state of being intimate. A noun that describes an interpersonal relationship, an amorously familiar act. The word is all around with the meaning of “sexual relationship.” But in actuality, it may also be a non-sexual relationship. Considering that, today we will talk about the signs of Emotional Intimacy. Emotional Intimacy. Self Care, The ultimate guide. There’s the difference between intimacy that touches your neckline and the one that flames to burn your soul with kindness. Meanwhile, Intimacy isn’t just sex or romancing late at night. It’s a passion for deep connection through conversation under spilled light moon holding each other emotionally. Because there’s nothing more important in life…

  • Violence
    Her Journey

    The Marital Rape: Right to bodily integrity.

    One major reason why this prevails is because of the continuation of such practices for a long time. And, the silent mouth never jumps the desk to speak, no one goes against it. Marriage, also called matrimony or wedlock is a culturally recognized union between people, called spouses. It establishes rights and obligations between them, as well as between them and their in-laws. Though it defines the establishment of rights and obligations. In reality, that comes with the box filled with limitations for her and not for him. Female masturbation is no longer taboo. This society inherently follows the idea of marriage that comes with handing over deeply entrenched never-ending continuous sexual consent…

  • Healthy boundaries.
    Personal Development

    How to set healthy boundaries?

    Boundaries: line that marks the limit. And, talking about healthy boundaries, it’s new SELF-CARE practices. It comes from a length of being rigid to lose which establishes one’s identity to bloom in their comfort. Presently, setting boundaries is essential if we want to shelter our emotional and mental health. But it doesn’t come naturally to us. It’s harder to create and maintain. As straightly they define YOU by marking a line in the mass. Healthy Boundaries. Female masturbation is no longer taboo. The healthy boundaries define individuality specifying a line where I end and someone else begins leading me to the valiant sense of ownership. It allows us to feel…

  • Express your feelings
    Personal Development

    How to express your feeling in a healthy way?

    We tend to have feelings and emotions that may not always be expressed healthily. We often surround ourselves with the questions like, Is it better to express or keep certain feelings to yourself? What is the best way to express yourself? And what about they misunderstood us? Feelings are like the sparkles of colors that we feel throughout every single day. They influence our thoughts, our behaviors, and our presence in our world. We are encircled by every touch of feeling that either makes us happy or just turned off. The truth is that most people are emotionally challenged while some are confused – drained. And, some souls are full…

  • Cleavage to sleeveless
    Her Journey

    The Line Between Cleavage To Sleeveless.

    The Line Between Cleavage To Sleeveless defames more, presently. Don’t you all feel trapped? Inside this fascinating counterfeit world bounded by restrictions. Unable to perform the things that make conscious sense to your existence. Something like “not allowed” feeling hopeless. Some days like barely willing to get out of bed as if there are lumps all over there. Everything seems perfect. And the future seems certain yet uncertain for the ambitious soul who wants to write every page as the paradigm. She feels trapped-drained surrounded by lethargic stereotypes. The term insomnia is an excuse to all those who aimlessly ignored the voice, that gets place under the blank and silent…

  • Complicated Life
    Self Help

    Why is Life Complicated for you?

    The most complicated thing in life is to not feel complicated. In the same vein, the most complicated skill is to be simple. We live in a world where everything seems straight above forward but in reality, there’s inevitable change inviting sudden breakdown and collapse.    The problem arises naturally without knocking on your door. Meanwhile, solutions require our attention, cogitation, and acumen to decode them. Rightly, the problem arises but there are ways we actually make our life harder on ourselves. And, that is more often. Stretching is a common problem either it’s friendship band or the thread of prolonged conversation, we over-scrutinize. Life is simple. But often simple…

  • Poem.
    Scribble Pen

    The Scribble Love Thought.

    Why Do I Love You? Love Poem. There’s no exact reason, why I Love You?-but there’s a lot of small tiny details that make me feel the essence of love. I Love You because you always manage to stand with me, no matter what the situation is. Your support, encouragement, and presence motivate me to be ME. It helps me to flourish and bloom the way I desire. I Love You because of your ability to be positive and see the good comings in everyone and in every situation with a innocent yet, meaningful smile. This makes sense of being a strong pillar to hold whenever the situation takes flip,…


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