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What does period pain feel like?

Wholeheartedly, this blog is self-expression. The talk that I make with my heart and mind during my bleeding days, the period pain. I’m not gonna write about the hormonal changes, and the changing phase causing the lining of the uterus to build up.

To all intents and purposes, I’m here to share this segment of life that actually feels like “installment on a monthly basis.” I’m extremely enmesh that I’m using such a word, after all, I greeted my red-lining while account practice. Something like a red carpet, and actually it is, your panties get the red spot or just the heavy flow.

Well, if you want to read some facts and experiences shared by young girls and enjoy some creativity. Here’s the link and it is mind-blowing, you must check this. Kumariandhermooncycle (An Adventure story about the magic of Menstruation, Illustrated by 80+ women.)

The Conversation,

Period pain, cramps are easier said than done. Every month, my mind revolves around the date, making me feel like a blessing in disguise. Honestly, I never googled the role of serotonin but every time I blamed this cycle.

I know, actually, we all know, it’s a natural cycle of releasing the tissue, our body making a place for the future coming result of sex. And, we cannot abort, I heard, I’m not allowed to think even that. (the South-Asian concept)

How decent I’m supposed to behave? this pain…it hurts.

Ummm…yea, it’s my cycle day 1 and the lining of my uterus is breaking down slower than the mood and bloating and cramp and tender breast and a lot.

PMS is emotionally debilitating for me. These wild mood swings, crying spells, outbursts, and the thought of being single just add the extra cheese over my emotional state-all in one day. How I’m supposed to react? Do you guys also go through such a phase of irritability? – I understand you all!  

But, why does my mind gets occupied with the thought of being alone? Is this normal? Or, I just look around to talk so that I can feel a little better, this is the reason I guess. No wonder, we all want to share our things, being understood, especially during these days.

Someone to hold and replace the hot-water bag and the painkiller with talks. The slow cuddle like wild and woolly. And, the milk chocolate truffles from a turtledove. Someone who can bear the monthly bother and inspire me to live this. Because this all happens in just one day and the next morning I’m back to a stable emotional state.

The luteal phase after ovulation brings the PMS with anger. And, we often don’t realize until the red spot is there. Oooh…I was behaving like this because of PMS?-maybe. You have to remember the date darling! (next month same schedule, you may forget but PMS never until you’re pregnant, LOL)

Do you guys have also the thought of “pregnancy is easier than period pain, at least no PMS and all for nine-month? Sorry..but I have. Let me add one more, during my hostel days, I used to say, I would love to be the boy just for the one-first day of the period cycle. And, the next morning, I’m no longer the girl drained in blood and emotional instability.


The pain that evolves me.

Initially, everything was normal. The slight pain and irritation were only there. But with time, It felt like heavy rain refusing to calm. I started having a vomiting tendency, dizziness, restlessness, bloating, over-sensitivity, and anger on top. I almost struggled every month to survive. And, whenever I tried to share with my friends, they replied, “ We all go through the same pain, don’t overreact.”

Maybe it was the same, but that was unbearable for me. The process of breaking and expelling is the same, my darling. But the symptoms and disbalance are not.

I still struggle but again I think, this is not such gargantuan that I cannot control. It takes a lot but I manage. The thoughts of missing and single are still the same but the Netflix is there for cheering up.

The change,

The people around me and the articles I read, suggested meditation and change in lifestyles but intentionally, I don’t think they ever worked out for me. However, I try but I would love to spend my bleeding days under a blanket holding some romantic novel. Day-dreaming is wrong but I allow myself, haha! I allow myself some comfort and schedule change. Honest dating advice.

PMS affects my social interaction too. But I came up with an idea to deal and that is, I keep on listening and avoid speaking. And, if there’s anything I should say, I reply with “ I will get back to you.” This every time worked at least more than expected.

The Final word,

However, I love my CYCLE, the period cycle, the moon cycle. The cycle that makes me a woman. It’s a blessing to honor the presence and sexuality. And, I accept it. The monthly consistent with inconsistency in mood due to period pain is always battle but every time I win this battle.

And also, my memory lane hits past. One step further to normalizing and realizing that stained in skirt or jeans is not sin, hiding pad is wrong. The holiness of the temple has got nothing to do with my menstrual cycle and I’m allowed to touch pickle. I’m allowed to talk and feel weak. Because this doesn’t come with an on/off switch as per societal convenience.

Yea, having screaming out of you, is gut-wrenching but that screaming is my treasure. And, this is the note, the self-expression to awakening my divine power. Understanding the pain can be messy and powerful. Also, cycle or not, an irregular cycle, doesn’t make any woman less of a feminine. We all are the ones. It felt great to write this, and I hope you would love to read it.

Keep Loving, Living, and Sharing. Writer’s profile.

( This post contains a few links and ads and images from pixabay which helps me to run this site. And also, this is all my self-expression through writing nothing demeaning.)

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