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Happiness: To be in a Happy Book.

They say, Inhale your Future and Exhale your Past, if you want to live a happy life. And, this is the frequently calling chant to invite happiness and to feel happy. I believe in this chant and the thoughts associated with it. Despite this, sometimes it feels nothing is working in my favor.

And, I’m sure, many of us face this befuddled situation questioning on, “What Happiness is?” I’m one among you and, I understand the agonization of people over this question for centuries. I have seen people debating this and defining their definition of Happiness. They share their life experiences yet feel insufficient and sophisticated.

“You Glow differently when you’re HAPPY.”

The pursuit of Happiness is the common human characteristic that you want to surround yourself with. Meanwhile, getting intricated with misery and unhappiness seems easy, unwillingly, as if the problem is waiting outside your place. It is easy to think of Happiness as a result, but the drive towards it rugged and challenging.  

The KeyNote to Happiness.

Philosophers, economists, therapist, doctors, and experts everyone have their research paper and definition. And, they often declare the statement pinning it down. But do we follow that? – I don’t think we do. Because of the complex term they hold and our calendar slot that’s often hectic. We either Google or choose YouTube for helping and getting ideas instead of going for philosophers and experts papers.  The Art of Living Single.

Happiness is an electrifying state that brings sacks of excitement and mindfulness. This is the reason, we want to be in happy books. We may think we have no control over the phase of happiness-sadness, but that’s not how happiness works either the sadness.

Research says a small portion of happiness depends on a person’s situation which is 10% of life circumstances. So, from where does most of our happiness comes from? – Straightly, more than half of happiness depends on things that are actually under our control.

And, we cannot deny that we can create a regular flow of happiness through our positive behavior and thinking. Eventually, at the end of the day, we cannot measure but we can feel the essence, the heart, and soul that keeps us upbeat. So, we humans can naturally thrive and enhance our happiness level.

Happiness is up to US.

A big reason for inviting Happiness exists within, we just have to be optimistic and practice mindfulness. Happiness is not about others, in the first place. It’s all about you. However, the presence of your loved one may affect the mood. But that sounds temporary, once they go against you.

Therefore, you hold the first right to be happy. True happiness lies within you. The external event may give us reason to manifest but even that requires your calm and positive mind. Don’t let that layers of negativity, fears, and worries overlap your rising reason to be happy. What I realized is, the inner happiness is inseparable, it just we cover it with our fear and high expectation resulting in worries.

And the amazing fact is, the inner happiness and inner peace are interrelated. One invites another. Meanwhile, we shouldn’t forget what is within us is wonderful, but so is with others and all around. Unrevealed Thoughts

Therefore, the key skill to happiness and be in a happy book is to accept, appreciate everything around us and everyone around us. We shouldn’t emphasize the negativity of anything in the first place. Because that may attract our focus which may not be necessary. It is better to appreciate the external stimuli in their natural way.

Signs Of a Happy Person.

Image from Pixabay.

Happy people live a meaningful life, as they understand the real happiness exists within. They find joy in morning rays, the shining sun, the thorn of roses, the sip of coffee, and even the workload with patience to handle timely. They value things and most importantly, their presence. Cultivate the Compassion.

The state cannot be long-lasting, it’s changeable. But you must find a way to feel and enjoy. Because happiness is either feeling or showing that can be internal and appreciating the external ones. Here’s what we found,

  • Practice Compassion.
  • Goes with flow and appreciation.
  • Is often Grateful.
  • Healthier and cheerful.
  • Happy to learn new things.
  • Practice Self-care and Prioritize themselves.
  • Express the feelings like Showing Gratitude.
  • Enjoy Relationship.
  • Do not feel entitled and Feels happy for other people.
  • Makes the straight conversation and Is not spiteful.

If you put effort into things that matter to you. I’m sure you will get the best result and that’s the palpable feeling to enjoy. The green flags in relationship.

Happiness and Pleasure.

There’s a close relationship between happiness and pleasure. Happiness is the sensation that comes from inner presence while pleasure is short-term emotion that makes presence with the help of our five senses. It is independent that finds the reason to be happy whereas pleasure is dependent on our senses.

It is a more stable state than pleasure. Pleasure can contribute to happiness and happiness can enhance the sensation and excitement of pleasure. Pleasure is a good feeling of short-term satisfaction, that you get after having your delicious food with your favorite dessert. But happiness comes when you see your loved one is smiling or else your assignment is selected and achieved.

The word, Set Healthy Boundaries.

From the moment of birth, there is a yearning for happiness and everyone is in that race without realizing what exactly they need. And, I think it’s high time to understand what makes you happy. Each person has something different and unique to offer them. You just have to dig deeper to acknowledge. So, that you will be able to be in the happy book.

Practicing healthy habits, mindfulness, gratitude, excitement, self-care, living the moment, and so on are the few ideas to follow to add value for self-promotion and self-exaltation. Instead of wasting so long in imitation and lookalike things, let us take a deep breath and pursue to find the smile that is a step ahead to contentment and no longer substitute. Therefore, Glow differently and proudly.

Keep Loving, Living, and Sharing. Right to bodily integrity.

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