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How to express your feeling in a healthy way?

We tend to have feelings and emotions that may not always be expressed healthily. We often surround ourselves with the questions like, Is it better to express or keep certain feelings to yourself? What is the best way to express yourself? And what about they misunderstood us?

Feelings are like the sparkles of colors that we feel throughout every single day. They influence our thoughts, our behaviors, and our presence in our world. We are encircled by every touch of feeling that either makes us happy or just turned off.

The truth is that most people are emotionally challenged while some are confused – drained. And, some souls are full of hard times but feel afraid of making others agitate by sharing their chapter of emotions. And all this results in sadness. Sadness is understandable and it tells a lot about your fragile state of hopelessness or frustration that you’re hiding.

Expressing feelings can lead us to feel more connected, wired and pertinent, with loved ones or even in our world. The flying butterflies getting in the stomach after bursting out the feeling is the most magnificently gratifying time to feel high. But if we express ourselves in an off-putting manner, this linked wire can get disconnected inviting discontent and stress. And also, hiding our feelings can lead to anxiety and depression where we unintentionally welcome the thought of “no one understands us.” This is not true, it just the overflow of our stress and unheard feelings that get burst in anger.

This unresponsiveness to thoughts and emotions can cause problems with our professional relationship too.

In this scheduled world, we never take the time to analyze the kind of emotions we feel. We rarely care in addressing the reason for the sadness we are feeling constantly. However, learning to express your feeling will surely help you to be aware of and understand the emotional fluctuation you feel. The expressing will helps to identify and address the particular situation or thought.

Express Feelings.

Feelings and emotions are the segment of life that validates the reason of being wired with all the affecting nature. We feel a mix of emotions. And still, we feel wordless to describe from among all those 3000 words used to describe the emotions.

Sharing feelings tactfully concrete the relationship with yourself and the loved ones that surround you. But initially, you need to confront yourself. You have to understand the effects that are resulting in your daily life, spoiling the chat to dinner table discussions.

My way to express actually, make myself understand is to confront in front of the mirror and let it FLOW.

Cry if you feel something terrible and feel happy even if that’s a small step. Crying is the beginning to release all your painful emotions. So, that you can restore yourself by expressing feelings.

I understand, it’s quite scary to feel blank and uncertain or developing a negative outlook. But, You can overcome this by letting yourself flow in notes or audio, or the lap of your partner. Never choose to bottle up your feelings. Instead, acknowledge and embrace them. No matter how complicated it is-try solving and asking for help.

Dealing with emotional distress.

Emotional stress can be challenging to deal with. And, we often struggle to see things. Relationship difficulties or financial troubles can cause emotional distress. The disturbance in the relationship is personally upsetting as the relationship carries a heavy plot in our life. Our relationship status impacts either in a good way or worse. Besides this, the financial trouble and the work environment can be the reason.

The feeling of not being able to solve sometimes broadcast the major problems instead of understanding you can’t solve them overnight. Accepting the kind of thought you feel is the only way to slow down the emotional distress. Mental and physical exercises are always there but creating a space to cope with your immediate action can also help you.

Ways to express feelings in a healthy manner.

Express the feelings and Name them.

Recognizing and accepting the fluctuations of feeling is the best way, to be honest with yourself initially. This also provides clarity for your action and behave in a certain way. Don’t forget, feelings are not right and wrong. They don’t have gender. They just exist naturally. Set aside few minutes to understand your action and behavior, to feel your emotions, and be a part of it.

Accept the changes that you’re reacting to.

The inability to express the feeling healthily also keeps us away from understanding the reaction we give. It gives warning signs to notify you for different emotions to understand.

Make a conversation with yourself.

Ask yourself the reason regarding the certain behave or the action. Keep asking yourself the question until you reach the bottom of your answer. It’s better to express yourself than to drown in the pond of emotions. The best way to build emotional intelligence is to ask yourself. It also helps you to discover hidden desires.

Be Mindful.

Mindfulness is the process of being aware of what you’re feeling without any judgment. There are many ways to practice mindfulness but the end goal is to feel relaxed and consider yourself.

Stop Overthinking and asking for validation.

We overthink every little thing when we are disturbed. And, that creates more puzzles. Overthinking is the quickest way to involve more in the situation and making yourself stressed. And, the only person who can validate your feeling is YOU.

A few healthy ways to get involved more in expressing, The line between cleavage to sleeveless.

Talk about it.

When we feel sad or stress we choose to talk. We want to share the feelings or the emerged thought with someone who can understand, that can be you too. Talking with yourself makes the sense of your thoughts and emotions. It won’t let you swipe yourself under baggage or feel overload. And, this behavior will validate your feeling and you can analyze the exact reason behind.

Write about it.

Writing is the most unfiltered thing, I believe. You are allowed to express yourself in the note in the form of a journal or gratitude. This way you can feel every word you’re writing and can relate. Writing is the perfect way to express yourself. You can write yourself or the other if you have something to collect. No matter, if that’s a diary or digital, you can imprint yourself with a pen or colors. It helps you to flow unconditionally without judgment.

Be Creative and express feelings.

Creativity also includes writing but here, it’s all about art that helps you to express your hidden thoughtfulness. It’s a unique way to print your emotions and experiences. Dance, sing, or just an easy move to feel liberated.

Our feelings are the part of us that we feel entirely without boundaries. It affects our daily life to furthermore. But, it all depends upon you and your environment to express. Rarely, we have a supportive chart or discussion, which is important to have. But, in the absence of such discussion, it’s better to confront yourself, write it down, or print it the way you want. It’s all for you. Allow yourself to express every disturbing or happy state without restricting yourself.  

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