Compassion: Cultivate the compassion you need!
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Compassion: Cultivate the compassion you need!!

Oxford Dictionary describes Compassion as “Sympathetic pity and concern for the Misfortune of others.”

Compassion: cultivate the compassion you need.

The mind of people perceives the word compassion as empathy, sympathy, pity, concern, and many more that belong to the feeling associated with others. But, compassion is way more than that.

It’s not about other’s misfortune, it’s rather an action on that feeling. People can feel the pain & suffering of others but there are very few who understand the pain and put themselves in the place of suffering’s one.

But let’s not talk about Compassion as a physical or mental concept. Let’s take it to the Spiritual level.

It’s not always about understanding the feeling. It about soul and the spirit of another person that gets to the vibe they are getting from your action.

 Sometimes you may require to connect with people on the level of Soul so that the energy of your spirit can match with theirs along with frequency so that you both can resonate with each other. 

It gets complicated when we talk on this inner level but the real Compassion should come from within. 

All the definitions and concepts about Compassion revolve around understanding the pain and sorrow of others and acting on it. But we see, many people are in pain & sorrow themselves. So, the question gets here is,

How can we feel compassionate about others ? 

How can we put themselves in the place of others ?

When we are broken from inwards how can we put the fragmented pieces of others & help them to join it to make a complete piece out of it?

Therefore, let’s remold the concept of Compassion from others and first learn to apply it to ourselves – because that’s the lacking concept!!

Because a person who is not Compassionate from the inside, how can s/he think about other people?

Sun burns itself before providing heat & light to others. Come along and find a way to travel on the undiscovered land of Compassion with a road map to travel. Because that’s the way to identify the compassion within and be able to provide a ray of hope around you. 

You might have listened about the road map that leads directly straight to your right destination but the insights shared under might open up a new dimension for you. 

Compassion is independent of age. But the trend shows, elder one gets more Compassionate because now being at that age they have understood the dimensions of life –  human nature.   

It’s never too late to start something. It just, gets better if you start early but who knows when it’s early and late? – Let’s start when you think you required – just don’t delay!!

 I mean, anyone reading this can conquer the undiscovered land of Compassion. And, the road map to conquer it can lead to the following points. Compassion: cultivate the compassion you need,

Meditate on deep roots,

Meditation has been a global discussion topic but though few souls know exactly what they are talking about. It’s not about sitting in one place & blocking your thoughts. In fact, it’s a far broad concept. Meditation can be operated on different aspects.

And one of them can be – let your inner thoughts rise and flow like a river i.e. no distraction at all. 

But it brings Compassion to consciously observe the thoughts in your meditation. You have to meditate on your thoughts.

There might be many things that happened to you in the past & they are showing their results in the present; offering you pain and sorrow.

And here, you have to meditate on those past thoughts to let them completely fade away from your conscious & subconscious mind. 

The thing we have to consider is to look in depth of ourselves and try to be more helpful toward us.

You have to be legitimate while practicing it.

No wonder you will realize the Self-Care & Self-love aspect of your life after doing this, Self Care, The ultimate guide.

 May be it’s new for some of us but let’s try this. You won’t regret.

Restructuring the thoughts,

Compassion: cultivate the compassion you need.

As you conquer the inner roots of pain & sorrow that somehow resisting you to be on the compassionate side. Now it’s time to implant the new thoughts on your mind that will bring you to the position where you can put yourself in the place of others because you have been able to put down your pain and sorrow. 

And it’s time to provide a ray of hope to others. 

Not only meditation but you can have a conversation with peoples who have been there where you want to reach. And if required, can read different books on that subject.

(The book, You can heal your life Summary: )

Be grateful to everything you have & do,

You might have heard about this. But let’s talk about it in another way. Do you know what’s the most Compassionate thing in the world?

It consists of more than 60-70% of the body and 71% of whole Earth. Yes, it’s Water.

But it’s so cheap that it has no value at all. It’s the utmost unselfish object which is running our life. So, let’s be compassionate towards it. 

It’s not a joke. Let’s Thank Water before drinking it every time as it heals the whole living nature. 

Do it for 30 days and you will find a huge difference in you. 

Not only water, be grateful to everything you have and everything you possess. Your compassionate level will increase drastically.


No wonder, we often curse ourselves. But what if we learn to use the correct affirmations?

“I am exactly where I need to be” This might be the one correct affirmation you can use. Because it neither tells us to be in the past nor in the future. But, it focuses on the present moment we are living.

And, that’s the best way to introduce Compassion in your life. Repeat this affirmation whenever you feel down – see the magic that you invites!!

You can learn how to treat yourself nicely by reading this. How to date yourself?

Lifestyle matters,

You are not being Compassionate to have a better lifestyle but the lifestyle you choose and maintain will result in the way you are supposed to be compassionate. Every hour you spend in a day must be the preparation for compassion. It seems difficult but it will be on the subconscious path which is automated once you have successfully adopted it. 

Read this, get a clear view of this, What does a Perfect day look like?

Therefore, instead of ignoring the hard times, Tell yourself – it’s really tough and I need to care for myself. Lately, but it helped me a lot to identify the real me and love the flaws that I owe. Because that’s only the way I can offer help to others.

I choose self-compassion in my life over anything and I hope after reading this( Compassion: cultivate the compassion you need ), you too gonna be self-compassionate.

Keep loving, living, and sharing!! Feel free to drop your points.

Darshan Awasthi

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  • Pritpal Singh

    Good to findout more insights about compassion through this article. I have been going though tough times currently infact from last 2-3 years. Over a period of time i too have realized the importance of being thankful for what i have. And yes meditation too definitely makes us more compassionate from inside.
    Thanks for knowledgable writeup.

    • Sidhi

      I hope everything is fine with you. And, yes we often forget to accept the things that we have. But I’m glad this post is helping people around. Thank you, dear, for your words. Please, keep on visiting.

  • Joleisa

    Compassion is something that we definitely need to cultivate as human beings. I don’t think it’s something we were born with, or else there would be more of it in the world. What do you think?
    Thanks much for your thoughts.

    • Sidhi

      Yea, we definitely are not born with it, instead, we have to learn and cultivate the importance of compassion in our life. Thank you for your beautiful words. Please, keep on visiting.

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