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There’s only one way to know: SURVIVE!!!

Every forty seconds a person on the earth commits suicide, according to WHO. Somewhere on the planet, someone died while you were reading the first sentence. It is scary, isn’t it? How many times has each of you heard something about life being precious? There’s only one way to know: survive, just take a look !!

As many times as we assure ourselves that life is a one time deal and we ought to make the best out of it; bad things happen. In fact, they happen more than good things.

And all of us sometimes have thoughts about everything wrong that is happening can vanish with a decision. I like to call those thoughts suicidal thoughts.

I have had it and I am sure, many of you have also had it. With what has been going on in the past few months, it is understandable to you to feel that way, if you do.


In Nepal, within the duration of lockdown, more than 1600 people committed suicide. 1647 to be precise. And these are only the filed cases. There might be many more that were either never reported or categorized under natural death. During the lockdown each day 18 people died of suicide.

Beyond lockdown, the numbers say the same. According to a 2015 report from the World Health Organization, 8 people among 100,000 commit suicide. But, according to a recent report, the number rises to 24 per 100,000. This puts Nepal on a very high spot on global suicide stats.

According to the Nepal Health Research Council, 3.4 percent of the Nepalese population is under some form of depression. The same report says that suicidal tendencies in Nepalese are 10 percent. Which means 1 on every 10 people either attempts suicide or has the idea of suicide.

And if you ask a Nepalese about seeing a psychiatrist, they’ll ask you if it is some kind of bird. Everything is scary with this term “SUICIDE.”

Where are we globally?

800,000 people die because of suicide each year, according to WHO. That is twice as much as people dying from homicides.

What this means is people, kill themselves more than getting killed. (Please don’t interpret it as getting killed is better than killing oneself).

Something is obviously wrong here.

What seems to be wrong?

The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, a book by Malcolm Gladwell, the writer says that suicide is a form of a social epidemic. According to it, suicides spread from one case to another and it multiplies. Baseless fiction literature you might say because it sounds so. But if you think about it, it is true.

After Marilyn Monroe died in 1962 by suicide, the rate of suicide in the United States raised by 12 percent.

I wonder how many modern rock fans had a sudden urge of suicidal thoughts following Chester Charles Bennington’s death by suicide in 2017. And it is believed that suicide has some relation with the case of fellow celebrity rock star Chris Cornell. Who also committed suicide in the same year. Both of them were best friends.

These examples may not always apply to all of us. But if you give it a thought, you will notice that people tend to kill themselves because some loved ones did the same. And Love has been one of the primary reasons that people kill themselves.

Let’s come to the main point,

You’re not weak. We were all born to fight, not only Bruce Lee. We have our own villains to kill.

In this case, the villains are your problems. It could be your love failure or could be your financial problems or else could be your past. It could be anything. Life itself can be evil sometimes.

You will be a hero only if you overcome those villains and all the evils that come with them.

The point is if you are having some sort of negative feelings, suicidal thoughts to be frank; I want you to abandon those thoughts.  And focus on solving the actual problems. Focus on killing the villain, then only you will get the girl. And a happy ending.


If not actually the suicide, suicidal tendencies are epidemic. They spread.

So stay away. Wear a mask of attachment. Attachment to your family, friends. They are there for you. If not, you can always seek someone. Me, for example. Here’s my email:

And don’t lose hope yet. Tomorrow could be the starting point of the good things yet to come for you. But there’s only one way to know. Survive today!!! This too shall pass!!! Survive today!!! Survive today!!!

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Sanjeeb Basi🖉🖉

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