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You are not everyone’s CUP of Tea !!

You're not everyone's cup of Tea.
“Live your Life on your Own.”
Because you are not here to sort out all the complicated threads !!
Don’t forget- You are not everyone’s cup of tea.
I have been judged, not once or thrice.
Actually, I can’t count on my fingertips and that’s not depressing anymore as I can’t, in fact, I don’t accept to be everyone’s CUP of tea. Have you got frenemies?
And I put forward the same theory in front of you all, especially this coming generation.💭
I acknowledge that we all love being liked, loved-loved a lot, needed, admired, and so on.
But it doesn’t mean that with whom we are sharing our evening facing the moon over the cold breeze- holding favorite drinks with little tittle-tattle comes to be our admirer or else you are.
And it would be wrong to expect from people for like and love because no one of us wants to look pitiable in real.💗💕
The world is full of varieties, you never know when where, and how suddenly someone comes over who will simply not like you.
No matter what’s your profession is – what’s your belongings or else what you do to convince them, in the end, there will be negatives vibes no matter how wonderful and polymath you are.
Two people can’t have the same opinion regarding the same subject. It is obvious that “your positive words can be negative for someone”. And you are not allowed to feel sorry for being true towards you.
The thing you are allowed to acknowledge is that you are “Imperfectly perfect”. You are just astonishing and full of living positive vibes and if they can’t see it, it’s their loss, not yours.👍
Trust yourself and don’t let others comment to make a place over your head with the aim to acquire the whole plot.
If someone is unable to appreciate your enthusiastic flaws then that’s their problem. As they limit their access to find better in you, not yours. 
But the main problem with us is, we focus more on no and not.
Instead of loving those who love us and finding the reason for respecting more, we give priority to searching for the reason for their so-called NO.
Is that really matter to get likes and admires by each and every one?💭
NO, I don’t think.
Yeah, one should try to be good enough. But letting yourself down, getting swamped of, and start working on is just a waste of your valuable time. Slay your twenties.
And it is something that I never welcome especially when it’s just because someone is there “to not like me.”😊
As girls, we worry so much about what other people think or what they are thinking.
We create judgments in our over-analyzing head. In short, we waste a lot of our time, thinking about what other people are thinking. But deep down there exists nothing such kind and if one exists one shouldn’t be affected.
Don’t forget that you are not for them and they are not for you.
You are not their cup of tea and they are not yours.
It’s a suggestion to let them speak and you just move on !!
Be who you are !!😇 Flawless beauty: Be Yourself.
Stop worrying and apologizing unnecessarily.
And if you have done something mistakenly resulting in someone’s loss, by all due regards apologize.
Stop doubting your decision and pleasing everyone !!
Realize your worthiness, your base of standing, and appreciate what you have rather than asking from so-called people who will always have some opinion regarding you, no matter how best you give.
Coming to this point in my life, I just can say is “you can’t suppose everyone to be on your side”. As everything has positive and negative sides so do the people have. If something is bothering you tell them don’t try to settle yourself thinking next time …because that next time never ever comes.
No one will come to stand for you, early or lately you have to take a stand for yourself no matter if that stand goes against someone’s ethics.
Be who you are made to be and want to be, not others want you to be!!
You aren’t their people and they aren’t your people. So, just relax and have only your CUP of tea as per your ingredients😇😊. 
Check out the link: The one who bleeds every day.
 Keep Loving, Living, and Sharing!!                                                                                                     
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